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Sreyhung Goes to School

Amanda Moll, 

Surrounded by rubber tree plantations, KAO Sreyhung projects a quiet confidence as she spends the afternoon helping with household chores and studying for school. Surrounded by her four sisters and brother, her father single-handedly raises a growing family. Their mother died giving birth to Sreyhung's only brother, and at the young age of 12, she calls herself an aunt twice-over.

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Toward a Truly Transnational, Collaborative Future in Education

Joshua Sheridan Fouts, 

LinkedIn, the international jobs and professional networking site, recently announced that it was going to allow students 13 years and older create profiles on its site. LinkedIn is the latest example of how young students worldwide -- that is, students who have access to the Internet and the educational opportunities to make them aware of the opportunities available on a site like LinkedIn -- can now learn about a world of work that exists beyond the boundaries of their country and city.

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Now In School, But Not Learning: Taking the Next Step on Girls’ Education

Erin Kelly, 

Around the world, more girls than ever before have access to an education, thanks partly to the Millennium Development Goals' focus on universal access to education. That's the good news. But though girls now have access to school at record levels, there are many differences from one region to the next and many are not receiving a quality education once they're in school. This ‘silent crisis' affects millions of girls around the world and is preventing them from pulling themselves -- and their families -- out of poverty.

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