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Extracurriculars Aren’t Just “Extra”

Lisa Lyons, 

In many schools around the world, extracurricular activities of any kind are rarely or never available – yet there is so much more to the educational experience than classroom learning alone. Activities such as clubs, sports competitions, and cultural events can foster children’s intellectual curiosity and growth, confidence, and social functioning in ways that the more structured and formal classroom environment may not be able to do.

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Leave No Child Behind: Invest in the Early Years

Anissa Molloy, 
Leave No Child Behind: Invest in the Early Years

Leave No Child Behind: Invest in the Early Years Report Summary by Light for the World, Open Society Foundations, International Disability and Development Consortium, Early Childhood Development Action Network, Global Campaign for Education, and Global Campaign for Education-US.

The report begins by highlighting the Sustainable Development Goals where inclusive early childhood education is at the root. Key findings and policy recommendations reflected on funding are discussed globally and with a specific focus on Burkina Faso, Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

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Why the Right to an Education is #1

As human beings, we tend to think that a change is not always good or beneficial -- that it is scary and unpredictable. For me, I think change is necessary. 

I am from Guatemala, a country in Central America that is marginalized and often called a “Third World Country,” because of poverty, corruption, and gender inequality. I’m not sure why we call them Third World Countries, though, because in fact they are countries in progress, seeking common benefit. 

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YOU Can Help Youth Attend the Global Campaign for Education Youth Caucus & World Assembly Today!

Global Campaign for Education(GCE) , 

"In January 2015, the World Assembly of the Global Campaign for Education formally recognised the need to represent and include youth-led movements more formally in its structure. Many of our members already work in partnership with youth-led organisations, and it was time to give them the place they deserve in the global education civil society movement. 
This year, the GCE goes one step further by hosting a Youth Caucus during our World Assembly in November.
The idea? Let the Youth exchange and debate, and have their voice heard in the definition of GCE’s new strategic plan and policy positions." From the Global Campaign for Education

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Breaking Barriers in Early Childhood Education One Country at a Time: #GlobalNAEYC

After two flights and 20 hours in the air, leaders from the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) arrived in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The immediate sight of palm trees and the sensation of a post-sandstorm breeze made it clear that we were a long way from home. But once we met our Saudi counterparts, it was evident that we were among fellow trailblazers in early childhood education who shared our dedication to the young children we serve. 

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