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We Can Do More

Brian Callahan, 

Today I joined four of our student advocates at the United Nations in New York City. We were part of the first ever #UNYouthTakeover, with more than 600 youth to celebrate Malala's birthday and to call for world leaders to prioritize education. It was inspiring to hear from so many young people who are advocating on behalf of their fellow students, over 130 million of whom are still denied access to education.

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So you watched Girl Rising

So you watched Girl Rising and you are dealing with a mix of emotions. You are upset because girls like Suma are bonded in labor for their lives with no chance of attending school. You are saddened because girls like Yasmin are attacked -their childhood taken in the process. But you are also inspired by quiet and strong Senna's love of poetry, triumphant with leader Mariama when she was able to keep her radio show and when determined Wadley was permitted to stay in school.

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Girl Rising

Girl Rising is coming to a T.V. screen near you! On June 16 at 9 p.m., CNN will show Girl Rising, an inspirational documentary showing the power of education (confirm with your local listings). So get together a group of friends, and be inspired to act through the resilience of seven girls from seven countries (Haiti, Peru, Nepal, Afghanistan, Egypt, Sierra Leone and Ethiopia) around the world.
See our action sheet below, which is a great handout to provide at your screening.

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On Loss and Yard Sales

Amie Williams , 

Today, I want to write about loss. I have been thinking a lot about this, since GlobalGirl had its first official yard sale recently, and I parted with a lot of little detritus from my past...things I once cherished that now seemed empty of their meaning, or personal association: a cigar-smoking female figurine from Cuba, a box full of old sound cables, some Howlin' Wolf CDS, and lots, lots, lots of books. I LOVE books. How does this happen? How does a person we love with abandon, suddenly seem so distant, or a passion say, for date squares suddenly replace your craving for brownies instead? Here's a great date square recipe, by the way.

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Chief Dreamer Check In-March 2013

George Srour, 

Seven years ago on my first trip to Uganda representing Building Tomorrow, I took out a pen and paper as my plane flew South over the Sahara. The sands beneath seemed to stretch forever, painting the skies a warm, mesmerizing orange. This morning, the deep ocean blue one would usually see crossing the Atlantic is shrouded by clouds on my way back to the USA, and though not as picturesque, the temptation to write persists.

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Turning a Day into a Movement: Why you should support Day of the Girl

Eliana Stanislawski, 

One of the most significant hurdles in enrolling all children in school and keeping them there is the high drop-out rate of girls across the globe, as well as the dismaying amount that were never enrolled at all. Therefore advocating for basic global education dictates advocating for gender equity. Girls make up for over half of children not in school worldwide. Keeping girls in school makes them safer, healthier, more powerful citizens of the world and has corresponding effects on the whole world.

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A Road From Poverty

Facia Sirleaf, 

The beginning of the school year always provides me with a time to reflect on why education is important. While some people might take education for granted, my experiences have helped me develop a passion for learning, and a strong belief that education and literacy provide the best foundation for economic and social improvement.

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