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Now In School, But Not Learning: Taking the Next Step on Girls’ Education

Erin Kelly, 

Around the world, more girls than ever before have access to an education, thanks partly to the Millennium Development Goals' focus on universal access to education. That's the good news. But though girls now have access to school at record levels, there are many differences from one region to the next and many are not receiving a quality education once they're in school. This ‘silent crisis' affects millions of girls around the world and is preventing them from pulling themselves -- and their families -- out of poverty.

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Take a Stand for Teachers on World Teachers’ Day

Lisa M. Swayhoover, 

In the United States, isn't it time we take a stand for teachers and put an end to the bullying from education reformers who think the scores on a high stakes standardized test can adequately define a teacher's practice without taking into account the impact of poverty and social inequity? Isn't it time that we - as a nation and individual citizens - stand up and speak up when the finger of blame is pointed at the individuals on the front lines fighting to deliver high quality learning in a system of education that does not adequately support their work?

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A World Without Teachers

Can you imagine a world without teachers? For 132 million children, this is not just a nightmare to wake up from-it is a reality. These children will often have no control over their future and the trend will most likely continue with their children. The world has made great progress toward universal primary education (UPE) for all (a drop from 115.4 million in 1999 to 61 million children of primary age out of school currently) but numbers are stagnating and in order to achieve UPE, an additional 1.7 million new teachers will be needed-not including the number of teachers needed to replace retiring teachers.

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