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Milk vs Soda

Many of us saw the moment in the documentary Half the Sky, based on the book by Nick Kristoff and Sheryl WuDunn when Olivia Wilde asked as she walked through city streets in Kenya: "Who buys the soda?" The answer was men--women buy the milk and men buy the soda. This struck me, and I believe it tells the story of women and their impact on the world all on its own. It is estimated that when girls get an education, as women, they invest 90 percent of the income they earn back into their families-men invest 30-40 percent. UNESCO has found that each extra year of schooling that a girl receives boosts her future income by 10-20 percent (15-25 percent if the extra year is in secondary). This makes a strong case for girls' education as a tool for development.

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Take a Stand for Teachers on World Teachers’ Day

Lisa M. Swayhoover, 

In the United States, isn't it time we take a stand for teachers and put an end to the bullying from education reformers who think the scores on a high stakes standardized test can adequately define a teacher's practice without taking into account the impact of poverty and social inequity? Isn't it time that we - as a nation and individual citizens - stand up and speak up when the finger of blame is pointed at the individuals on the front lines fighting to deliver high quality learning in a system of education that does not adequately support their work?

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