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5th grade scholars at Academia Moderna Advocate for Girls’ Education!

A young student at Academia Moderna school draws a poster to promote girls' education worldwide.February 14, 2018: Global Campaign for Education-US had a wonderful time speaking with a brilliant group of 5th grade scholars at Academia Moderna school in California. They were working on a research project about the barriers that prevent many girls around the world from attending school and graduating. The scholars asked wonderful questions about how they can promote girls' access to quality education. We also discussed the importance of younger people standing up for the rights of children around the world. We were so inspired by their passion and committment to learning about global education issues and advocating for the rights of young people around the world.  The scholars came up with wonderful ideas about how to support access to quality education for girls around the world.

Some of their ideas include: 

1. Making posters and flyers so that students in their school can learn about the educational barriers that girls around the world face. 

2. Speaking to different classes from Kindergartern through 5th grade about girls' education.

3. Working with those in charge of the school's social media to promote their efforts to help boys and girls access quality education around the world. 

4. Organizing a book drive to benefit children around the world. 

Thank you to the scholars at Academia Moderna for your wonderful advocacy! Youth are the future and the present. Please check out this video below to see the impact that these scholars are having on their community and the world! 

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