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A lot is going on

A lot is going on in the world. The term a lot is not an understatement or an exaggeration—a lot is going on and I am sure it can feel quite overwhelming. A lot going on can make you feel small and insignificant and unsure about whether you really can do anything to make the world a better place.

I often find myself thinking—is it enough? Are the tweets, the petitions, the donations, the meetings/calls/letter with and to policy makers, the marching, the speaking up—is it enough? Are we really making a difference?

But then I hear about how in Kenya doing these things lowered secondary school fees by half, in Malawi the advocacy work of youth and organizations led to a ban of child marriage  and the passage of a new Education Act, and how, while not completely there yet, due to accelerated progress since Dakar in education an estimated 34 million more children will have attended school.

So yes, we are making a difference—the world is changing, #AdvocacyWorks and advocacy will continue to work as long as all of us continue to raise our voices.

Raise your voice with me:

Join #AdvocacyWorks, a youth-led Google Hangout April 29 at 3 p.m. EDT/1900 GMT 

Act for #ed4all 

Stand #UpForSchool 

Help support Nepal recovery efforts through education

Call on World Leaders to #Vote4Education 

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