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A World Without Teachers

Can you imagine a world without teachers? For 132 million children, this is not just a nightmare to wake up from-it is a reality. These children will often have no control over their future and the trend will most likely continue with their children. The world has made great progress toward universal primary education (UPE) for all (a drop from 115.4 million in 1999 to 61 million children of primary age out of school currently) but numbers are stagnating and in order to achieve UPE, an additional 1.7 million new teachers will be needed-not including the number of teachers needed to replace retiring teachers.

Tweet for Teachers!

Student and TeacherInternational Teachers' Day is Friday, October 5, 2012! Show your support for the great teachers you had growing up by sharing your story on Twitter and Facebook. We all have our favorites, we all have a reason why and October 5 is a great day to share.

Sample Tweets to share:


  • #TeachersMatter because they set the course for a new generation. #ed4all @GCE_US
  • #TeachersMatter because they want each child to succeed. #ed4all @GCE_US
  • #TeachersMatter because they are multipliers-- every good teacher benefits an entire class, year after year. #ed4all @GCE_US
  • Niger has only one trained teacher for every 1318 children in lower secondary. #teachersmatter @GCE_US


Sample Tweets to personalize:


  • My favorite teacher was Ms. Simms because she still asked me how I was doing even after I left her class. #teachersmatter @GCE_US
  • #Teachersmatter because ___________________________________ @GCE_US


Feel free to extend any of these tweets for Facebook posts on the Global Campaign for Education-US page or on your own using the @CampaignforEducationusa tag so we can share!

Every Child Needs a Teacher

Last week, Global Campaign for Education and Education International launched the new campaign "Every Child Needs a Teacher," in New York last week during the United National General Assembly. It both highlights the need for teachers worldwide and supportive networks that both prepare and develop them throughout their career.

To read the report, Every Child Needs a Teacher: Closing the Trained Teacher Gap, click here.


P.S. Click here to check out the most recent blogs on Principles for a Post-2015 Education for All/Millennium Development Goals by Steven Klees and the upcoming one on International Teachers' Day.

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