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Take Action for Literacy

Shruti Nallappa, Fellow at GCE-US, 
Take Action for Literacy

Most people remember reading one or two Dr. Seuss books in school as they grew up and many credit Dr. Seuss with sparking their love of reading. International Literacy Day is September 8th and a perfect day to share how reading opened your eyes to world full of meaning and expression. On this International Literacy Day, almost 773 million adults worldwide are illiterate, but through social awareness, advocacy and generosity we can change that.

Ways to Take Action:

 • Use social media to tweet and share about the power of literacy. Use the hashtags #allchildrenreading and #ed4all. Be sure to tag @GCE_US so we can amplify and share to double the impact! Comment below to tell us about why you think literacy is important and/or about your favorite book on the GCE-US Facebook page!

Sample tweets and social media messages:

  • Did you know that almost 773 million people are illiterate worldwide? Take action today! @GCE_US #ed4all 
  • @GCE_US My favorite book to read with my dad was Cat in the Hat. All children should have that joy. #allchildrenreading #ed4all
  • Having basic reading skills could lift millions of people worldwide out of poverty! @GCE_US #allchildrenreading #ed4all

 • Find a charity to donate books (textbooks, children's books, etc.) through the National Service Knowledge Network or donate them to your local library or school. 

• Read to your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, neighbors, etc. and explain to them the importance of reading.

• Practice habits of good readers with the children in your life. Ask them questions as you read to them or they read to you -- allow them to predict, reason and make connections as they listen.

Click here for help in guiding your questions and your young reader. Remember that the more people know about how literacy can change the world, the more likely that change will happen! I hope you will take action with us.

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