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All Means All

Tom Sabella, IE & ECCE Partnership Coordinator at GCE-US, 

UNESCO has just launched the Global education monitoring report, 2020: Inclusion and education: all means all.   This year the issue of Inclusion has finally been brought to the center of the report which seeks to monitor the world’s progress toward SDG4 to “Ensure inclusive equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.”  The long-time goal of education for all could never be achieved with out including everyone regardless of gender, language, race, or ability.  This report finally examines the many barriers which exclude too many young people from their human right to education and brings forth key messages about what must be done to achieve true equity. It provides data showing that many are still missing opportunities to learn and highlights the need to collect and share more data on those left behind which is often not collected in many countries.  The report further indicates the need to secure adequate financing targeted at those most in need and the importance of teachers, teaching materials and learning environments that do not ignore the benefits of embracing diversity. GEM 2020 recommends widening the understanding of inclusive education and calls for sharing of expertise and resources as well as consultation with communities and parents.  Please take this opportunity to read the report and use it to advocate for inclusive and equitable quality education for all. The report can be found here.

Click here to watch a short video highlighting the report.

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