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Call Me, Maybe?

If you are anything like me, you hate the phone. I would much rather someone text me or email me—hey even tweeting me is better than a phone call. But sometimes a good old fashioned phone call is what is going to get the job done and on June 16, we are asking you to dust off the landlines or fire up the cell to place a call for an important cause—the millions of children around the world that are out of school.

With a quick call to the White House comment line you can make sure that President Barack Obama knows that you want the U.S. to be a leader and make a $250 million dollar pledge over two years to the Global Partnership for Education to support consistent access to education for the millions of children out of school due to conflict, gender and/or poverty.

So call the White House—not maybe but definitely on June 16! 

After you call or plan to call the White House…

Join a global movement on Day of the African Child and find an event near you!

Share what you can do #BecauseOfSchool to help spread the word about Global Partnership for Education’s upcoming June Replenishment

DoMore with Simply Equal Education to support their work in Equatorial Guinea

Act for inclusive education through our Global Action Week site

Be Awesome. Help Girls with Edge of Seven

Things you should read

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