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Can I Help You?

My 2015 probably started like many of yours—thinking to myself what can I pledge to do better, differently or not at all this year. Will I travel more, eat better, see my friends more often or will I just promise to do everything a bit better than I did last year?

As usual, I didn't come to the definitive conclusion on any of those but I can say that I still desire to do my part to make the world a better place each year. I hope you want to do that too and I would like to help you. GCE-US would like for you to be a partner in action this year--help us and our coalition members share the power of education and help all children around the world have access to a quality education.

How you ask?

Make our #ed4all Quick Actions a web favorite this year

Read, share and comment on our Action Blogs—you never know who you will inspire!

Teach our Lesson for All!

Tell a friend to sign up for our Action Alerts!

Like us on Facebook

Follow us on Instagram and/or Twitter

These may sound like small things, but it will keep you connected to our work and what you can do to ensure that all children have access to a quality education.

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