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Developing A Generation of Young Employed Leaders

By Hassanatu and Hussainatu Blake, 

By Hassanatu and Hussainatu Blake, Focal Point Global

Youth worldwide are not receiving the necessary training or work experience to create, get, and keep jobs to change their communities.

Though youth are better educated than their parents, youth remain almost twice as likely to be unemployed than their elders. On the African continent, young people aged between 15 and 25 represent more than 60% of the Africa’s total population and account for 45% of the total labor force (1). Some of the highest rates on the continent are in southern Africa, where 51% of young women and 43% of young men are unemployed (2). At least half of young people ages 15 to 19 lack basic literacy, transferrable skills or technical or vocational skills that match the needs of employers (3).

In developed nations, it is not much better. United Kingdom apprenticeships for youth from 18-25, fell exponentially (4). Many of those apprenticeships are being rebadged as training for employees who are already in work. Jobless rates for millennials in the US, have been in double digits for nearly six years with the youngest among them, ages 16-24, experiencing the highest rate at 15 percent (5).

The solution is providing educational training and apprenticeships targeted at youth

The week of May 12, 2016, Focal Point Global will launch its 4th initiative, which will mobilize resources and global partners to provide African and American youth between the ages of 15-19 with entrepreneurship and skills training, mentorship, apprenticeships, and internships in the private or agriculture sector.

Founded by twin sisters Hassanatu and Hussainatu Blake five years ago, Focal Point Global’s mission is to empower youth to address social issues and create social change. With a focus on youth ages 12 to 19, the organization utilizes modern technological tools to foster global partnerships through peer-to-peer education and youth engagement that incorporate outside of the classroom learning.

Focal Point Global’s entrepreneurship and skills training initiative will target youth from rural and urban impoverished areas, who are often the hardest to reach and most impacted by unemployment. These youth participants will cultivate professional networks, and develop foundational, technical, and leadership skills that will be transferable to any future job or career. Upon the completion of this intensive program on August 12, 2016, International Youth Day, the youth participants would have obtained skills/training necessary to create, obtain, and keep a job, which will eventually effect change in their communities.


Hassanatu and Hussainatu Blake are the founders of Focal Point Global

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