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Dream Big for Girls

When I was a child, what I dreamed of being when I grew up often changed with the wind. I wanted to be a teacher. I wanted to be a lawyer, an actress and for some brief period, I wanted to be a politician. Now that I am older and none of those things, I still realize the common denominator of all those dreams—what would have made any of them possible—is access to a quality education.

I did not have to worry about being pulled out of school to help care for siblings, carry water or to get married before 18. Enrolling in school was always the first thing that my mother did when we moved and there was always a school nearby to go to. This isn't the case for millions of girls around the world.

 This International Day of the Girl (October 11, 2014), share the dreams you have for girls around the world using the hashtag #girlsdreambig:

  • I want my daughters/sisters/myself (pick one) to be able to dream big and have the #education to make it possible. #ed4all #girlsdreambig
  • When I was a child I wanted to be a…(fill in blank) #girlsdreambig
  • All girls should be able to dream big! #girlsdreambig #DAYOFTHEGIRL
  • Finish the sentence “I dream that all girls around the world…” #girlsdreambig

 But don’t stop there, help us make sure all girls around the world have access to a quality education by building awareness of the issue with our Box Out the Barriers nationwide action and/or taking action with any of our coalition members who are doing great work supporting girls’ education around the world.
Happy International Day of the Girl!

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