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Eradicating Poverty One Village at a Time

by Connie Viveros, 

by Connie Viveros, Unstoppable Foundation 

Most of us know that half of the world—that's three billion people—lives on less than $2 US a day.  And about 58 million children around the world between the ages of six and 11 are denied the chance to go to school, many of them because they have to work to help support their families. We also understand that education is more than reading, writing and arithmetic.

Unstoppable Foundation has spent the last seven years supporting and implementing a model of deep, sustainable development based on 5-pillars that incorporates everything crucial to lifting communities from poverty and removing the obstacles to educating children.

We call our model The Unstoppable Solution for Sustainable Education.  This model, by design  recognizes that no problem and no solution stands alone in our efforts to eradicate poverty.  Each pillar provides vital support to facilitate and sustain community development that not only builds schools and educates children, but provides the entire community with access to clean water and sanitation, food and nutrition, healthcare, and alternative income training for adults. 

PHOTO CAPTION:  In areas of extreme poverty, a school is not enough to make a LASTING CHANGE. Without addressing the key issues that KEEP CHILDREN FROM ATTENDING SCHOOL, long lasting solutions to breaking the cycle of poverty is not possible.  The Unstoppable Solution for Sustainable Education involves key pillars to removing these obstacles: Education, Clean Water, Food and Nutrition, Healthcare and Income Training for Adults.

Our 5-pillar model is designed so everything is owned and maintained by the community, and the project is completely self-sustaining within five to eight years of the completed implementation.

Building communities for permanent change

Unstoppable Foundation's  international development model is built on the belief that every community has the potential to lift itself out of poverty—forever.  Individuals, families and entire communities in developing countries are our partners in advancing holistic solutions to address the root causes of poverty. Together, we’re working toward a world where all communities can fulfill their children’s right to education, clean water, health care, nutritious food and a thriving future.

Here’s how this development model is changing lives.

  • It’s holistic. We know that poverty is a complex problem, and no issue or solution stands alone. We work through five development pillars that provide “big picture” solutions that support and amplify each other.
  • It’s led by the community. Our partner communities take ownership of the programs and projects that create lasting change. Working in tandem with their local government, they devote time and resources to every new initiative.
  • It builds capacity. We help community members develop the skills, strategies and infrastructure to take charge of their future and maintain long-term change.
  • It connects communities.  We connect donating partners in North America with communities overseas to build relationships that inspire change worldwide. You can even take 'volunteer trips' to meet and work with your partner community.
  • It’s transparent. We’ve invited experts and the brightest analytical minds in the world of development to look at our model from every angle. They confirm that our solutions are effective and built to last.
  • It’s sustainable. Our goal is to reach a point within five years where our rural communities don’t need our help any more. Instead, they have the training and tools to thrive for generations. We’ve seen this work time and time again.

The Sponsor a Village development model is an adaptive, effective five-pillar model built on years of experience collaborating with dedicated community members and development experts to find solutions that work.  And we’re so proud of what we’ve managed to accomplish.

Just six short years ago, the Unstoppable Foundation started serving children who were destined to live their entire lives in abject poverty in some of the poorest communities in Africa. Every child was at extreme risk of illness and death due to water-borne illnesses, early pregnancy, hunger, malaria and AIDS.

Today, thousands of children are thriving and not only learning how to read and write, but their entire community has been given the tools to help them live healthier lives and lift themselves out of poverty. Parents are learning new ways to generate an income that enables them to keep their children in school. One by one, one village at a time entire families are now full of hope and excited about the future.

Who We Are

The Unstoppable Foundation is a non-profit humanitarian organization bringing sustainable education to children and communities in developing countries, thereby creating a safer and more just world for everyone. We inspire people with the vision of bringing education to every child and empower them with the tools to become a part of the solution.

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Connie Viveros is the Director at Unstoppable Foundation

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