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As millions of students return and have returned to school over these past few weeks and months, 127 million did not. 127 million children of primary and lower secondary school age were not greeted at the door by their new teacher, did not greet old friends and meet new ones, did not crowd in to the school yard, did not spend the morning finding their shiny new desks, learning new rules and finding their way as they transition from primary to secondary school.

These children, instead, take care of younger siblings while their parents work, work for pennies (if that) a day, meet unequipped and empty classrooms, are unable to travel the long distances or are preparing for a milestone they are far too young for—getting married.

These hard to imagine statements to most are very real to many and many of the numbers are going in the wrong direction—the number of out of school children is rising and worldwide, aid to education is dropping.

Use your memories of your first days of school to drive you to act to protect others’ right to education around the world.

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  • Countries need an extra 1.6m teachers in classrooms to achieve universal primary education by 2015--will rise to 3.3m by 2030 #firstdays4all
  • More than four out of ten out-of-school children will never enter a classroom-@efareport #firstdays4all
  • Aid to education has fallen by 10% since 2010. Number of out of school children is rising. Take action: #firstdays4all
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