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Foreign Aid Used For Education Helps Fight Terrorism

September 21, 2011 The Standard-Examiner

(UNEDITED)Americans across the political spectrum acknowledge that the deficit is an urgent problem. Many suggest cuts to foreign spending, but don't realize it only represents 1 percent of the budget. And half of that 1 percent is for the least fortunate.

Many don't realize that modern foreign aid is actually an investment. The National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States reports that "education that teaches tolerance, the dignity and value of each individual, and respect for different beliefs must be a key element in any global strategy to eliminate terrorism."

Each year of school reduces a male's chance of engaging in violent conflict by 20 percent and increases a girl's future income by 20 percent.

A child born to an educated mother is over twice as likely to live to the age of five. Education is a "social vaccine" against AIDS, halving infection rates among primary school graduates, with the potential to prevent seven million more cases of HIV over a decade.

Education is necessary for a strong economy. No country has achieved and maintained rapid economic growth with less than a 40 percent adult literacy rate.

The International Food Policy Research Institute found in their 63-nation study, that more productive farming due to female education reduced malnutrition by 43 percent between 1970 and 1995. Education works. We can maximize our education investment by adopting the policies outlined in the Education for All Act (HR 2705) and by supporting the Education for All Fast Track Initiative.

Naresh Kumar

Salt Lake City

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