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Fundraising Ideas for Youth Leaders

Here are some strategies that you might use to help support your trip to the Global Campaign for Education-US Advocacy Summit from June 18 to June 20, 2018:Photo taken by GCE-US shows a group of youth leaders posing with a global education sign on Capitol Hill.

1. Find a sponsor: Go to your college career office, local business, place of worship and/or other organizations and propose your cause. Tell the prospective sponsor how hardworking and dedicated you are and why you need their support. Finally, give the prospective sponsor the opportunity to support your worthy cause. You should write a letter to your sponsor, which includes more details about your cause and why they should sponsor you. A sample sponsorship letter is available hereRemember to thank your potential sponsor for their time.

At colleges and universities, there may be scholarships that are designated for students who require funds to participate in conferences, internships, volunteer programs or other enriching activities. Ask your local college career office and department to seek opportunities for sponsorship.

2. Crowdfund: Crowdfunding website and social media are great ways to raise funds for your trip. Many crowdfunding sites will allow you to create a webpage where you can share your cause and request donations. Always remember to include a personal story of why this cause matters to you. Some useful websites are Gofundme, Kickstarter and YouCaring.

3. Use your networks: Do you belong to a sorority, fraternity, community organization or student activist group? Go to your organization and ask them to help promote your fundraiser. Do you work or volunteer at a large organization? Ask them to reach out to their networks and share your sponsorship appeal. You could write a blog post for GCE-US and share your sponsorship appeal. For more information, you may contact Ariel at

4. Use your talents: Do you love baking? Start a bake sale on campus or in your community. Are you a great singer? You can organize a charity concert and collect donations for your trip.

5. Host a fundraising party: Do you love throwing parties? To host a fundraising party, create posters, share your cause, then bring out the chips, dip and music. Invite your friends, family and network to your party. Promote the party as a worthy cause, which will help send you to Youth Advocacy Leader training. Thank your patrons. You can also reach out to local restaurants and/or companies like Mary Kay or Pampered Chef, share your cause with them and see if you can host a charity party through them.

6. Check with your local paper/news: See if they can help to raise awareness about your cause. Share information about how the community can get involved. Ask a local/human interest reporter to help spread the word.

7. Petition your university: Ask them to fund part of your trip. Sometimes, school clubs will have funds for the year and students can use those funds for their travel.

8. Seek in-kind donations: You can also ask friends, family and others in your network to donate frequent flyer miles or gift cards to support your trip.

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