Promoting quality education for all.

Get Set!

I love watching the Summer Olympics. There is just something that is really amazing to watch as athletes representing their countries compete in events they have spent years and at times decades getting ready to participate in.

One of my favorite set of events to watch is track and field—especially the sprints. Runners get into the block, they get ready and they get set.

Set to run, set to burst out of the blocks with energy and set to make their mark on Olympic history.

As advocates, it is time for us to get set for Global Action Week for Education (April 24-30, 2016)—a week where we can speak louder, advocate harder and encourage others to do the same to make sure that world leaders and everyday citizens do what they can to ensure that education financing is there to give every child around the world access to a quality education—no matter where they are born, where they end up or what barriers they face.

Let’s get set:

  • Donate today to support education for all!
  • Tweet why you think we must #FundEducation using the hashtag #FundEducation
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