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Girl Rising

Girl Rising is coming to a T.V. screen near you! On June 16 at 9 p.m., CNN will show Girl Rising, an inspirational documentary showing the power of education (confirm with your local listings). So get together a group of friends, and be inspired to act through the resilience of seven girls from seven countries (Haiti, Peru, Nepal, Afghanistan, Egypt, Sierra Leone and Ethiopia) around the world.
See our action sheet below, which is a great handout to provide at your screening.

If you would like it in .pdf format, please email

Once you've seen the inspiring film, Girl Rising, there are many ways you can act to ensure the millions of young girls around the world have access to their right to a quality education. We know that education can open up a world of possibilities and we know the actions and stories can inspire the world. Use the stories in Girl Rising as inspiration to ACT:


  • Register your screening and any other activities on the Global Action Week 2013 map at
  • Ask your friends to join us! They can register to receive Action Alerts at (
  • Tell us if you want to organize your own screening of the full version (the CNN version is abbreviated without all nine stories) of "Girl Rising" at your school, church, or community organization by replying to this email or emailing us at
  • Use your social media platforms to follow @GCE_US and like Then, spread the word about what universal quality education could mean for youth, communities and the world. 
    • Sample Tweet: One extra year of school increases a girl's future income by 15%! #ed4all
    • Sample Tweet: Across sub-Saharan Africa, the average poor girl living in a rural area is in school for less than 2 years.
    • Sample Tweet: By not educating girls to the same standard as boys, 65 low- and mid-income countries are losing $92 bn a year. #ed4all
    • Sample Facebook Post: Nearly 57 million children of primary school age are out of school. The number jumps to 132 million when secondary aged youth are included. I am taking action to change this! You should join me!
    • Sample Facebook Post: Did you know that one of the three factors that has the power to determine whether you are in school or not is gender? Girls should have just as much access to a quality education as anyone else! I am taking action to change this! You should join me!
  • Organize a screening of Building Hope, another award-winning documentary, about the building of Mahiga Hope High School in Kenya,
  • Write a letter to or call your Member of Congress sharing why you think all children should receive a quality education. Use GCE-US factsheets on education and its impacts as a starting point,
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