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Campaign for Girls’ Education and Empowerment —VIDEO from Girl Rising

Lauren Manning, Girl Rising, 

Girl Rising, the film at the heart of Girl Rising’s campaign for girls’ education and empowerment, features nine girls who have confronted challenges in going to and staying in school. While these girls exhibit extraordinary courage, strength, and perseverance, they are also thoroughly ordinary – representing some of the millions of girls around the world struggling to go to and stay in school.

This month, the team behind this powerful narrative released Girl Rising: The Fifth Anniversary Edition, including updates on the girls featured. Five years since Girl Rising first premiered, these girls continue to grow and, in most cases, continue their studies. They remain testaments to the power of education.

One of these girls is Senna from Peru. Senna is currently in college, studying business, engineering and computer science. In 2015, she gave birth to a beautiful daughter and is more determined than ever to complete her education. Her mother helps care for the baby, so Senna can focus on her studies and give Ariana the best future possible. Ariana makes her feel strong, Senna told us.

Girl Rising continues to work to get more girls in school by building innovative media-driven campaigns around stories like Senna’s and launching partnerships and programs that reach communities, shift mindsets, and ignite change. Results include adolescent girls re-enrolling in school, parents deciding against early marriage, girls better advocating for themselves, and teachers actively reducing gender bias in their classrooms.

Watch Senna’s full story here and her update above.

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