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Global Campaign for Education Highlights Need for Teachers

Camilla Croso, President of the Global Campaign for Education (GCE), participating in a key session of the Education Summit in Washington, DC sponsored by the United Nations, stressed the urgent need for trained and resourced teachers if the "final sprint" to achieve the education Millennium Development Goal by December 2015.

The session, "A New Deal on Teachers," was moderated by Gordon Brown, the UN Secretary-General's Special Envoy for Education and brought together international partners to agree on measures to close the teacher gap that exists in developing countries worldwide.

Ms. Croso presented research done by GCE and Education International: "Every Child Needs a Teacher: Closing the Trained Teacher Gap," which reveals that 1.7 million new trained teachers will be needed in the remaining 1,000 days before the end of 2015. The report points out that "The gap in quality education is huge, and bridging it is essential to fulfilling the universal right to education."

The event coincided with GCE's "Global Action Week," in which individuals and organizations worldwide share how they are working to enable the world's young people have equitable access to a quality education. As part of this effort, GCE-US has created an interactive GAW website to enable individuals and groups across the United States to post what they are doing through the end of 2013 to work for this goal.

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