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Global Campaign for Education-US Leads a Global Education Workshop at the 2018 UNICEF USA Summit

A photo taken by GCE-US at the UNICEF USA Summit 2018. It shows a group of painters creating a mural of the world. A photo taken by GCE-US at the UNICEF USA 2018 Summit. It shows a group of student participating in a workshop about global education and advocacy. On March 10, 2018: Global Campaign for Education-US had the opportunity to lead a workshop at the 2018 Annual UNICEF-USA Summit. We worked with a group of very enthusiastic & dedicated students from colleges around the country. The goal of the workshop was to inspire youth to become advocates for global education in their communities. We discussed different types of advocacy, including grasstops and grassroots strategies that can be used to promote global education. 

We spent time discussing some of the barriers that prevent  vulnerable youth, like girls and youth with disabilities, from accessing quality education. Later, we reviewed some advocacy strategies that could be used to promote global education. 

We focused on advocating for global education by:

1. Calling on Congress to support funding for global education through appropriations

2. Meeting with Members of Congress to discuss global education

3.  Holding awareness days

4. Hosting  global education film screenings

5. Arranging call-in-days on campus and in the community

6. Leading strategic social media campaigns, which promote global education 

 The best part was hearing about all of the wonderful work that the students were already doing in their communities. Some of the students had participated in walkouts to raise awareness about school safety, some of the students had experience in appropriations advocacy and other students had organized awareness campaigns on their campus. The student advocates concluded the workshop by collaborating to create an education advocacy plan, which they could use to promote quality education in their communities. They came up with great ideas that they can take back to their communities!

What a privilege to witness the enthusiasm and activism of college students across the United States. Thank you to  our coalition member, UNICEF USA for bringing together such a vibrant and wonderful group of student advocates. We are so inspired by these student leaders and we hope that they'll put their advocacy ideas into action and continue to promote quality education for youth around the world. Thank you to these wonderful student advocates for their ideas, enthusiasm and dedication to global education! 

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