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Angela Valco, 

by Angela Valco, Library for All

Library For All was founded because 250 million children across the developing world are not achieving the basics of literacy andGo read Logo numeracy, even after 4 years at school. We are a NYC-based non-profit organization that exists to unlock knowledge to the developing world by providing access to a cloud-based digital library. Our mission is to increase educational opportunity for students in developing countries, giving them an opportunity to learn, dream and aspire to lift themselves out of poverty.

Library For All recently launched Go Read! Global Read-a-thon, a campaign that invites young readers to participate as a network of Junior Ambassadors who are passionate about education advocacy and social justice. Our Junior Ambassadors are influential young leaders who have a passion to read and make a difference, while supporting education in developing countries.

Go Read! Global Read-a-thon‘s mission is two-fold:

  • Our Junior Ambassadors spread the love of literacy through their voice and support at local bookstores, schools, libraries, and organizations. We also hold events to give our Junior Ambassadors the chance to celebrate literacy, develop relationships and simply have fun.
  • Individual students, schools and organizations across America can join our campaign by reading and blogging as many books as they can over a period of time or by asking people to sponsor them by donating to Library for All based on the number of pages the read. We encourage them to get creative by showing videos and writing reviews of their favorite books. The funds raised provide students in developing countries with a digital library that allows them access to a quality education.

Go Read! Global Read-a-thon is proud to partner with global organizations such as Girls Learn InternationalGirl Scouts and various schools throughout the country. We believe that our campaign builds community, empowerment and proactive results for our young leaders.

all around a bookOne particular Junior Ambassador who is currently a member Girls Learn International took initiative by reaching out to her Chapter leaders, encouraging them to create a team for our campaign. She has also personally invited us to speak at her school assembly while brainstorming creative strategies for her team that encourage outreach, sponsorship and reading books as a group that encourage the theme of Education for all. Another middle school student became so passionate about our cause that she developed a presentation for her school staff, encouraging them to get her school involved.

It is a privilege to be a part of such a meaningful campaign. I have been a devoted advocate for children, youth and families as a professional and as a volunteer for many years. I have also had the opportunity to be a public school educator in NYC for several years and I believe that the power of providing children with opportunity and a voice is crucial. When children are limited and shut engrossed in a bookdown, we are all at loss. Joining Library For All and having the honor to manage Go Read! Global Read-a-thon fulfills every aspect of my passion for education, equality, advocacy and full potential for students.

It is a delight to see young people take action and support a meaningful cause through an activity that benefits them as well - reading. We are all changing the world of education by empowering students to share the gift and responsibility of knowledge.

This is an ongoing campaign, so we encourage everyone to take a look at our Read-a-thon page and consider joining the campaign by spreading the word, creating your own fundraising page or by sponsoring students who have already joined. 

Angela Valco is the Readathon Coordinator at Library for All

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