Promoting quality education for all.

Help all kids get a good start in life!

Help all kids get a good start in life!

Millions of children with disabilities are being excluded and marginalized from the beginning of their lives. You can turn this around by advocating for disability-inclusive education and early childhood development in the early years for all children.

We can no longer tolerate a world where children with disabilities miss out on education! Join us in calling on world leaders to help all children get a good start in life. Sign the petition now.

Light for the World, Global Citizen, Global Campaign for Education - USECDAN and the International Disability and Development Consortium are calling on major donor governments to make urgently-needed investments to help end marginalization and poverty faced by kids with disabilities, and to fund disability-inclusive early childhood development (ECD) programs.

As our research “Leave No Child Behind” – funded by the Open Society Foundations - reveals, governments are falling way short on their commitments.

Naorou's Story: This is four-year-old Nourou. He was born with cerebral palsy. His mother feared for his future; and his chances of schooling were slim. But thankfully Nourou received early intervention. He can now reach his development potential. 

Globally, millions of young children like Nourou face multiple layers of discrimination in the most crucial early years of their life. 

Under the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, and within the Sustainable Development goals governments are dutybound to provide universal access to essential early year services.

There is evidence that investing in young children yields positive returns in education, health and productivity, and is, therefore, a sound investment for every government. ECD is also affordable. An additional 50 cents per person annually is all it costs for ECD to be incorporated into existing services. Despite evidence of high returns and affordability, many governments are falling short of their commitments to young children, with most giving 1% or less of education funding to early learning. Therefore our research shows that it is key to promote a better understanding of ECD amongst donors governments and recipient countries.

We are calling now to all governments to make inclusive ECD a reality -- leave no child behind!

The summary report and 10 donor advocacy briefs for Belgium, Germany, Canada, UK, France, EU, USAID, UNICEF, World Bank and GPE can be found here.

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