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I heart #ed4all

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day! Some of you are thinking about what you’ll wear, where you will go and/or if it will go well. Others are thinking about staying in with your friends, hitting up a movie or just forgetting the day is happening. And well, let’s be honest there are a few of you who are just now remembering tomorrow is a holiday and trying to figure out where you can order flowers or get a gift last minute.

Whatever camp you fall in to, we have some great ways you can show the love from your heart to the hearts of others by supporting #ed4all—which in my opinion is a gift that keeps on giving and is good all year round.

Share your love of education and sign up for Simply Equal Education’s school supply drives
Join the Students Rebuild Literacy Challenge—make and send bookmarks to support Save the Children’s Literacy Boost program!

Celebrate Love:Life at an event (February 15) with buildOn’s TEAM HOLLYWOOD to help build schools in Malawi, Nepal and Haiti  

Build relationships, share knowledge, and develop skills to advance education worldwide. Join ACEI at the Institute for Global Education Diplomacy, 5-8 March 2015, Washington, DC. #IGED2015

Give a little petition love and sign the Global Citizen petition supporting the Global Partnership for Education!

Love me. Teach me. Promote the needs and rights of children everywhere through this ACEI campaign.

Show love for the planet with PlanetAid

— Ashley, GCE-US

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