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Marco, Polo

I was a nerd as a kid, so my favorite thing to do was read. I also used to be a pretty big fan of roller skating, and sometimes making up plays or songs, oh and spending summer days at the pool (playing Marco, Polo of course)-but I digress. All of that to say though, that I was allowed to be a kid. I went to school, I did homework, I did my chores and I was a kid.

Tuesday is Universal Children's Day and I can't help but think about the 61 million out of school primary aged children that don't have access to one of the fundamental rights of children-the right to go to school. There are so many things that kids around the world encounter today that I wouldn't have even imagined on my wildest tangent down imagination lane and I just can't help but hope that we can continue to work today and the days after to ensure that every kid gets to be a kid.

Let a kid be a kid:

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     • 61 million children are out of school. They have a right to an education. #UCD2012 @GCE_US

     • 1 out of every 2 children that is not in school will never enroll. #UCD2012 @GCE_US

     • Today is Universal Children's Day & I'm calling on Congress to prioritize #Education in dev assistance. #UCD2012 @GCE_US

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