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Momlogic: Jessica Alba Goes to Washington

April 22, 2010

Source: momlogic

By Elizabeth Thorp




Yesterday, a series of events around the world focused on ensuring universal basic education. The Global Campaign for Education, U.S. endorsed the Education for All Act, introduced by Congresswoman Nita Lowey (D-NY). This landmark legislation would help achieve universal basic education for every child in the world by 2015. Five years before this deadline, 72 million children still remain out of school.

Jessica Alba also launched the 1GOAL: Educational for All campaign to make education for all the lasting legacy of the first-ever African FIFA 2010 World Cup. Bringing together fans, soccer stars, celebrities and World Cup organizers, FIFA -- the campaign led by the Global Campaign for Education -- calls on world leaders to give every child the chance to go to school.

As Honorary U.S. Co-Chair of 1GOAL, Alba has just returned from a listening-and-learning trip to Africa to see how U.S. funding for global education is changing the lives of children and helping beat poverty in developing countries. "I traveled to Ghana, Senegal and South Africa with the 1GOAL campaign, to listen and learn and see for myself the impact of education," she says. "I met children who work to support their families but dream of going to school, and women who told me that providing an education for their children is their only way to beat poverty."

Seventy-two million children around the world don't have access to an education, and 60 percent of them are in Africa. Alba continues, "Most of these children are girls. Listening and learning from women and children in Africa who struggle on a daily basis just to provide basic needs for their family was the most humbling experience."

momlogic asked Jessica why this issue is so important to her. "Having my daughter put my life into perspective," she says. "If there's any way I can contribute to giving a voice to women and children so they can have more opportunities and a better chance at life, I will. I am so grateful to be in the position that I'm in."

Jessica's message for momlogic readers? "This summer, millions will watch South Africa host the World Cup," she says. "We're asking people around the world to lend their voices to the 72 million children out of school. Please call on our world leaders to pledge the funding necessary to achieve education for all."

To help children everywhere pursue their dreams through education, go to Global Campaign for Education.

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