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My GCE-US Internship

Zhuri Bryant, GCE-US Intern & Duke University Campus Leader, 
My GCE-US Internship

My experience interning with the Global Campaign for Education - United States (GCE-US) has made for an incredible and productive summer. While COVID-19 has shut down the country, GCE-US provided me with a safe opportunity to promote educational equity and to learn more about the impact COVID has had on education across the globe. Considering that this is my first internship, I have learned a great deal about educational equity and how to effectively advocate for it.

Throughout my internship, I was responsible for tasks ranging from keeping up with the social media presence to attending webinars on education to advocating for bills with other coalition members. The webinars were interesting in that each speaker brought something unique to the conversation. As a black woman, it was very interesting to hear Rev. Al Sharpton speak about the nuances of the Black Lives Matter Movement and how it relates to education. However, most of the webinars I attended covered issues and solutions on how to provide quality educational resources to low-income areas in countries such as Nigeria, Kenya, and Rwanda. But, the best thing that I’ve done so far was representing GCE-US in advocating for the Girls LEAD Act, a bill that will support girls’ ability to engage in civic participation. Not only was it an honor to represent GCE-US, but I also felt empowered because I was able to support an act that would mean so much to women and girls worldwide.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the amazing support system I’ve gained here at GCE-US. I owe a huge thank you to Jennifer Rigg, Shruti Nallappa, Megan Testen, and Thomas Sabella. They have helped me with my internship duties and have shown me an immense amount of kindness in the short time I’ve interned with them. They all greatly contributed to my ability to be a productive member of the team. I definitely will never forget playing Pictionary and Trivia over Zoom!

My internship with GCE-US has allowed me to grow as an advocate for equitable education, girls’ education, and quality education. It has been such a pleasure to work remotely with this team and learn from their wisdom and experiences. For these reasons and many more, I am looking forward to being a Student Leader this year at Duke University and continuing the work I’ve started with GCE-US.

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