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Obama must fulfill promise to aid education worldwide

October 18, 2010

Source: Northwest Indiana Times

As your Oct. 6 article on the food crisis in 22 developing countries points out, solving a protracted food crisis must include long-term solutions. With that in mind, President Obama should work toward one of his 2008 campaign promises: contributing $2 billion to start a global fund for education to help make education truly universal.

Alas, support for basic education in current U.S. budget proposals falls well short of that.

What does education have to do with hunger? Plenty. The World Bank has identified that educated girls are more likely to gain employment and earn greater income, are less likely to contract HIV/AIDS (and therefore other diseases to which people with deficient immune systems are especially vulnerable), and will raise healthier and better nourished children.

Microcredit and microfinance have emerged as significant opportunities for women to build and run their own businesses. Being educated is essential to take advantage of this opportunity.

In a world where nearly two dozen nations face chronic hunger, education enables people to fight back. And in a recessionary era, it is part of the solution for sustained economic growth.

- Oscar Lanzi, Chicago

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