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Opinion: Education for All

August 21, 2011

Source: The Miami Herald

Children in Florida are back in school, but 67 million children around the world will not set foot in a classroom this year. Without access to quality education, the health, economy and security of many countries are at risk.

The United Nations has set a target of ensuring that all children complete a full course of primary school education by 2015. But hope is dimming.

To change this, the bipartisan Education For All Act of 2011 has been introduced in the House. It calls for a focus on educating girls and hard-to-reach populations; the formation of a comprehensive U.S. strategy to achieve the 2015 goal; and investment in the Education For All Track Initiative to assure the best use of our foreign investment dollars.

I urge our local representatives to support this bipartisan bill. Lives depend on it.

Linda Horkitz, Miami Beach

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