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Pens, Pencils and Books—Oh My!

School supplies are my thing. There was nothing like going to shop for new school supplies each year. I would pack them in a book bag, toss it on my back and head out to a new school year--to see friends, get new workbooks, find my desk and get settled in. This desk would be my space for the next school year--my space to learn, to work and, yes, probably get into a little trouble (I was a talker, what can I say?). But 57 million children around the world don't have access to this and by extension their right to education. They don't get to ready a book bag, button a school uniform, claim a desk next to a friend, and, yes, even get into a little bit of trouble. They won't have a first day of school this year and for some that first day of school will never appear.

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Sample Tweet: Fifty percent of the out-of-school children live in conflict-affected countries. #firstdays4all @GCE_US
Sample Tweet: Early marriage often results in a girl being pulled from school, endangers health and cuts short personal growth. #firstdays4all @GCE_US
Sample Tweet: Only 42% of girls and 51% of boys with disabilities complete primary school. #firstdays4all @GCE_US

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