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Power Up!

I wasn’t a huge video game player as a kid but I definitely appreciated a good game of Mario Brothers or Duck Hunt (I am clearly showing my age here). When I was really doing well, I would get a bonus--a "power up" --something extra that would help me immediately or later in the game. Supporting women and girls in reaching their dreams is like one big power up for the world. Think about it:

These facts just scratch the surface. So, today, on International Women’s Day (IWD)--a day where people around the world celebrate women and girls and the power they bring to their families, communities and countries—do your part to power up the world and partner with women and girls around the world.

Take action and power up!

  • Take action with GCE-US to ensure robust education funding!
  • Shop at TrulyMAD and 60% of their profits through Thursday will go to School Girls Unite’s Mali Girls Scholarship Fund, (Use SGUNITE at checkout!)
  • Rewrite the Code with A World at School to help give girls equal opportunities 
  • Proclaim “I Stand With Girls” for the future of our world on Facebook with the Girl Scouts
  • Watch and share 2016 is the year for Global Girls
  • Fight unfair with UNICEF and share this video to help #endchildmarriage
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