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1.01 to 1. For every 1.01 men in the world there is 1 woman. So that is about half of the world's population is women and girls. But, women account for two thirds of the world's working hours, only nearly 10 percent of the world's income and own less than 1 percent of the world's property.

Friday is International Women's Day, a day where people around the world stop to take notice of the enormous contribution made by women and girls to the world and stand for the rights of safety, education and economic stability that so many women worldwide lack. Women aren't just half the world they are HALF THE WORLD-a half that contributes in both statistically measurable ways and in ways that we won't see the full impact of for decades. An educated woman is more apt to stand for her rights and her children's rights and that stand reverberates.

Women matter. Education matters. Tell the world.

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• DYK that a child born to an educated mother is 50% more likely to survive past the age of 5? #IWD2013 @GCE_US

• DYK that over half of the almost 800 million illiterate people in the world are women? #IWD2013 @GCE_US

• DYK that improving education for women could drastically reduce hunger in developing nations? #IWD2013 @GCE_US

Actions from the Coalition and around the web:

Find a GirlRising screening near you!

Play for social good with Half the Sky's Facebook game

Unite  for Girls with GirlUp and Henkel at the Unite for Girls Tour stop at Raritan Valley Community College in Branchburg, NJ.

See  how people are standing up for India's Daughters and gender equality and empowerment worldwide.

Use the tool, Mind the Gap by UNESCO that illustrates the intersections of gender and education around the world.

Support buildOn DC in its quest to send students from Eastern High School to Malawi to help build a school.

Learn about an exciting concept, Education Diplomacy, through the Association for Childhood Education International's spring conference

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