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So you watched Girl Rising

So you watched Girl Rising and you are dealing with a mix of emotions. You are upset because girls like Suma are bonded in labor for their lives with no chance of attending school. You are saddened because girls like Yasmin are attacked -their childhood taken in the process. But you are also inspired by quiet and strong Senna's love of poetry, triumphant with leader Mariama when she was able to keep her radio show and when determined Wadley was permitted to stay in school.

We are all now personally invested in the stories of these girls and the millions like them around the world who just want an education and a chance to be their best selves.

Help the girls of the world be their best selves:

Read and Share Angelique Kidjo, founder of the Batonga Foundation's, letter to the girls of the world.

Stand with Malala for Education for All on her birthday, July 12

Raise your hand for girls with Plan International.

Visit our coalition member page and see how our members are supporting education around the world.

Support Library For All's kickstarter campaign as they unlock knowledge to those living in poverty by making ebooks available in low bandwidth communities.

Help build a school in Kenya with the Nobelity Project.

If you missed Girl Rising on CNN, find out how you can bring it to a theater near you, here, or catch the international broadcast on June 22 (check your local listings for exact time).

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