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Take Action Through 10x10 Partner Global Campaign for Education

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This past weekend, 10×10 partner Global Campaign for Education, US (GCE-US) made a splash at the Celebration of Teaching and Learning in New York City. And GCE played an important role by highlighting the importance of providing education to girls worldwide.

Joanna Kuebler, the GCE-US Director, was a tour de force in the conference hall, bonding with teachers over the importance of education.  But while everyone agreed that education was crucial to foreign development, many were shocked to learn that it was not a priority of President Obama's US Global Development policy. Again and again, teachers exclaimed, "But he has kids!"

In the fall of 2010, President Obama announced a "new U.S. Global Development Policy-the first of its kind by an American administration.  It's rooted in America's enduring commitment to the dignity and potential of every human." Joanna explained that the policy is an incredible step forward, but fails to prioritize one crucial element: education!

In light of this, the leaders of the AFT and NEA will join other leaders of the Global Campaign for Education and present 10,000+ signatures to President Obama and members of Congress during global action week in May. The force of thousands of Americans calling for education as a development priority is intended to serve as a wake-up call.  Economic development, peace and stability require education for all children.

At the conference, Joanna found a stream of willing participants lining up to pledge their support for the campaign. In addition to joining the Blue Ribbon Campaign, teachers discussed ways to bring the message of global education to their classrooms. GCE's Lesson for All is a plan designed by teachers for teachers, to engage students of all ages and helping them better understand the plight facing millions of girls who are being denied an education.

We ask you to join 10×10 and the Global Campaign for Education, by clicking here, to call on President Obama to make education a development priority.

-by Emily Lamont

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