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Inclusive Education Advocate Goes to the UN

Tom Sabella - International Inclusive Education Advocate, 
Inclusive Education Advocate Goes to the UN

In 2006, the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) was adopted at the UN, and last month the 10th session of the Conference of States Parties to the CRPD was held at the United Nations building in New York.  I had the unique opportunity to attend this meeting at the UN as a delegate for GCE through our partnership with Light for the World

It was inspiring to be among so many people from around the world who recognize the rights of people with disabilities and continue to struggle for opportunity and inclusion for all.  I was excited to run into a friend from Lebanon who is finishing his PhD, and to speak again with the Disability Advisor of the World Bank, Charlotte McClain-Nhlapo.

I was also moved to meet the president of Inclusion International, Sue Swenson, and hear how she had been the assistant secretary for special education at US Department of Education after being mother of a child who never walked or talked but was educated in the same local school where his siblings studied.  She asserted to the audience that every child can be educated in their local school and that every teacher can support children with disabilities if they are made aware of their ability to do so.

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Tom Sabella is an independent consultant dedicated to improving the quality of education provided to all children and a certified teacher who has worked in classrooms around the world.  He has conducted research on education and disability in Latin America and published works analyzing education policy and practice related to disability and the EFA goals. Tom is a proud member of the Global Campaign for Education.

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