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We Can Do More

Brian Callahan, 

Today I joined four of our student advocates at the United Nations in New York City. We were part of the first ever #UNYouthTakeover, with more than 600 youth to celebrate Malala's birthday and to call for world leaders to prioritize education. It was inspiring to hear from so many young people who are advocating on behalf of their fellow students, over 130 million of whom are still denied access to education.

While inspiring, the events were also sobering: We have a long way to go to ensuring that these millions of out of school youth get the quality education they deserve. World leaders, including our leaders in the US, need to do more.

If you agree, you can stand with Malala, hundreds of youth advocates and millions of children around the world by signing our petition to prioritize education.

If you've already signed, consider sending it to your friends and family because we know we can do more.

-Brian, GCE-US

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