Promoting quality education for all.

You are awesome

You are awesome. Your advocacy and collective voices made big change last month and that is awesome—you are awesome.

Last month, the FIRST EVER World Humanitarian Summit happened in Istanbul, Turkey. World leaders, organizations and advocates just like you traveled to talk about the importance of supporting those around the world living in conflict and/or the aftermath of emergencies.

At the summit, education was celebrated as key to this support in the launch of the Education Cannot Wait Fund for Education in Emergencies. With initial commitments of $90 million dollars from governments, organizations and the private sector, including $20 million from the U.S. government, the fund is well on its way making sure that all children, regardless of location, will access their right to a quality education and your advocacy over the years helped make that happen.

You are awesome.
Help us thank USAID Administrator, Gayle Smith, for recognizing how important education in emergencies is and pledging to support the millions of kids around the world in emergency settings in accessing their right to education.

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I stand w/@GCE_US in thanking @GayleSmith @USAID & @StatePRM for supporting children around the world by saying #EducationCannotWait

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