Motivation to keep sharing our message of #ed4all

Posted on September 14, 2016

Motivation to keep sharing our message of #ed4all

by Jazmyn Thomas

Often, as Americans we take our education system for granted. Children across the globe do not have access to free, adequate education due to poverty, war, inadequate education systems, etc. According to the Global Partnership for Education, education is linked to reduced poverty, increased gender equality and health. Education is knowledge and with knowledge global citizens are able to make better financial decisions and health choices. The United States has to do our part in combating the problem of access to adequate education for all children and last week the U.S. House of Representatives took a huge step forward to help solve education inequalities by passing the Education for All Act (EFA). The EFA Act is a piece of legislation that supports efforts to increase access to quality education for children around the world.

In Spring of 2013, I had the opportunity and privilege of being part of a group of young people that traveled to Washington D.C, for four days to learn about and take part in advocacy training for education legislation sponsored by the Global Campaign for Education U.S. Chapter. We learned about community, cultural and economic barriers to education, community organization, fundraising, event planning, policymaking and media training. The training we took part in equipped us with the necessary skills and knowledge to lobby our Representatives and Senators on Capitol Hill for the passage of the Education for All Act.

I met with Michigan Congresswoman Candice Miller’s education staffer to discuss the EFA Act and why she should support the legislation. Her staffer was gracious while I explained the benefits to the act and listened intently. He gave me his contact information and encouraged me to contact the office in the future. I have continued to contact Representative Miller via social media to encourage her to support the EFA Act in subsequent years.

The education, training and experience I had with the Global Campaign for Education has had a lasting impact on me. I continue to support access to quality education for all children worldwide. I learned how I can advocate for education reform by having a voice and sharing my beliefs with others. The fact that the EFA Act has passed through the House means that our voices are being heard and motivates me to keep sharing our message of education for all.

Jazmyn Thomas is a GCE-US Youth Advocacy Training alum. 

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