I will work with others to...

Host a Screening of "GIRL RISING"

Women and girls have it harder when it comes to accessing their right to education. Due to financial, geographic and cultural barriers, girls are often more likely to have never attended school, have dropped out or have been forced out due to early marriage. Girl Rising follows 9 girls in 9 different countries and discusses with them their hopes, dreams and what their education means to them.

Host a Screening of "Building Hope"

Documentaries are a great way to give an issue visual impact. Building Hope tells the story of building Mahiga Hope High in Kenya. Students in the area finished primary school and then had nowhere to go. Now they do! Watch the inspirational story!

Plan a screening of a movie illustrating the power of education

Know a great film that you want to share with your community? Plan a screening on your campus or in your community to share the story and take some time to tell why you thought the movie was impactful and what people can do to help. 

Be a part of a social media Campaign or Google Hangout

Twitter and social media in general are great mechanisms to share information widely and involve many people without regard to travel and/or location. As we work to increase awareness of the power of a quality education for all we hope you will join us. Follow us on Twitter, @GCE_US, Instagram, @gce_us and use your social media network to help make #ed4all go viral by sharing what you are doing and why #ed4all is important for you and/or more!

Share on Instagram how your team is supporting education for All

Instagram is a great visual media that you can use to share images of your events and/or share videos of how your team is working toward #ed4all


Did you know that there are 58 million children around the world out of school? Did you know that an extra year of schooling past the 4th grade can mean an extra 10 percent in future income? If you did not, chances are people in your community or on your campus do not know either and the first step to action is knowledge. Share the power of education through fliers on campus or getting permission to chalk a fact on the sidewalk in front of a local business or in front of a school or campus building. Don't wait for people to ask about the power of education--show them!

Teach a lesson from the Lesson for All in a small group setting or in a classroom

The right to education is not something that everyone knows about. Teach an interactive lesson from our new LESSON FOR ALL. Each Unit (K-3 and 4-6) and Module (9-12, Economics, History and Government) has 4 lessons and is aligned to the Common Core State Standards and the Global Competency Matrix. They include activities, discussion and multimedia.

Host an awareness event in my school and/or community 

Host a forum on education or a roundtable to share information with those around you! Try an example of our Box Out the Barriers event or check out our So You Want to Sheets on our Resources page for ideas


We have the great opportunity to meet with our Members of Congress and their staff to discuss issues of importance to us. Set up a meeting to let your Representative or Sentators know that you support education for all and why. 

  • Find your Member of Congress is HERE
  • Find your Senator HERE

Hold a fundraiser in my school and/or community 

Host a fundraiser to send a child to school, to buy school supplies, or to support girls' education through one of OUR COALITION MEMBERS or an organization of your choice. The sky is the limit!


Visual petitions are a great way to get people involved and give them a different way to show their support. Give a sentence starter like "I support education for all because..." or "Girls' Education is important because..." and let people fill in the blank. Check out our RESOURCES PAGE to see examples of this type of petition as well as a step by step guide to creating one! 

Partner with a health, environment, business, etc organization for an event to show a quality education supports all development

Education helps to produce better outcomes in all arenas--health, environment, economics, etc. Show the connection by working with another organization on event. It will help to build awareness on both issues! BONUS! 


Love to grab a video camera, a flip cam or even your phone and create Vines or video instagrams? Use your tools to create a video that shows how powerful education can be. Upload it and share it with us and you might just see your video on our website or shared through our social media! 

Take Action

This year, Global Action Week will took place from April 24th to May 1st, 2019. This annual week of action calls attention to the urgent need to invest in the future of the 260+ million out-of-school children around the world. To get involved and share what the 2019 theme, "My Education, My Right(s)" means to you, check out the GAWE Student and Teacher Activity Guide. 

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Intrigued? Inspired? Then join us and take action for education for all! 

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