Here are some initial suggestions to maximize the impact if you plan to:

Host an event at your school

Create a collage on a hallway bulletin board with images and facts on the number of students who are not in school worldwide (59 million), number of girls forced into child marriage each year before they are 18 years old (10 million) and number of children in school but not learning (250 million). Post drawings of milk, cereal and other food containers written in a language few at your school know and ask “Imagine what it would be like to look at these for nutrition information If you can’t read.” Have an eyeglass drive and donate the eyeglasses to the Lions Club which redistributes the eyewear to students and families in need. The sky's the limit! 

Host an event in your community

  • Ask your Mayor or City Council to declare it Global Education Week in a proclamation. For examples, see School Girls Unite, Day of the Girl Proclamation Toolkit
  • Visit the local office of your member of Congress to stress how important it is to support initiatives that put children worldwide into schools
  • Talk to the leader of your house of worship and ask that one day be dedicated to honor Malala Yousafzai, the young Pakistani girl who risked her life to stand up for the right to an education, and the thousands of girls and boys worldwide who daily have to struggle for this basic human right

Host a screening of “Building Hope”

This 72 minute movie (a shorter 45 educational version is now available as well) about the importance of high school education in Kenya and how a community in Texas worked with a community in Kenya. It’s possible that the movie’s producer, Turk Pipkin, may be available to share some thoughts via Skype.  Educational materials can be found here.

Host a screening of “Girl Rising”

This movie about the struggle girls face to get an education in nine countries. GCE-US has a one-page list of actions that you can take after watching the 2 hour movie. A trailer for the movie can be seen here. The movie’s producers have put together classroom materials around the movie’s themes. 

Teach the Lesson For All 

Join with other educators to internationalize your class with the Lesson For All curriculum developed by GCE-US. Lesson plans are mapped to the Common Core State Standards and global competency matrix.

Help with a Twitter campaign.

We will be using two hashtags during Global Action Week and throughout the year. Follow us on Twitter, @GCE_US, and help us by using facts, quotes, etc about the importance of education, education as a right and the importance of education to help make #ed4all go viral!


Looking for more event inspiration? Check our our So You Want to Sheets with great how-tos on writing op-eds, hosting a speaker, or hosting a call-in day. 

Take Action

This year, Global Action Week took place from April 22 to April 28, 2018. This annual week of action that calls attention to the urgent need to invest in the future of the 260+ million out-of-school children around the world was a roaring success! Global Campaign for Education-US hosted a series of global education Twitter chats and webinars with coalition partners, including the Global Partnership for Education, Focal Point Global, World Learning and GCE-US Board members

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