Promoting quality education for all.

AGE Africa

Advancing Girls’ Education in Africa’s mission is to provide life-changing opportunities to young women in Malawi through targeted initiatives in education, mentoring, and leadership development.

Our vision is that all girls in Africa will have equal access to secondary education, and that young scholars will be empowered to finish school, leverage their educations into viable opportunities for earned income, and have the tools they need to self-advocate for their own life choices.

In the short-term AGE Africa’s goal is to graduate talented and disadvantaged young women who are equipped with the knowledge, resources, and self-confidence they need to make healthy and informed choices about their futures.

In the long-term AGE Africa seeks to narrow the retention gap, and produce better outcomes for girls nationwide by creating a model for girls’ achievement and retention in public school that can inform public education throughout the country.

“…When I go to college, I want to focus on studying about food, nutrition, and economics. I want to travel around Africa to educate the communities about proper health. The hunger and HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa inspired me to follow that path.”
–Immaculate, AGE ’12, HIV/AIDS Orphan, and current University applicant

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