Promoting quality education for all.


AMPLIFY Girls is dedicated to reimagining traditional development at scale by mobilizing the collective voices and impact of community-driven organizations (CDOs). As a collective learning and development hub, our mission is to AMPLIFY the voices, work and collective impact of local organizations focused on the power and potential of adolescent girls.

AMPLIFY Girls embodies an innovative grassroots model of scale: it supports CDOs to lead and collectively work towards improving outcomes for adolescent girls, based on the solutions they identify as best for their communities. AMPLIFY helps them strengthen organizational systems to deliver more effective programs, document their impact, and advocate for change.

Using intentional collaboration, a structured, non-hierarchical strategic approach to working in partnership – AMPLIFY is creating opportunities for CDOs through a three-pillared approach:

· Support: Strengthening CDOs by mobilizing resources for organizational development and sharing of best practices.

· Elevate: Communicating the impact of CDOs through rigorous locally derived monitoring and evaluation and research.

· Advocate: Harness AMPLIFY Girls collective power to demonstrate the value of CDOs and recognize their leadership role in impactful development.

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