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Child Labor Coalition

Child Labor Coalitionformed in November 1989, as concerned groups mobilized following the Capitol Hill Forum, “Exploitation of Children in the Workplace.”

The coalition believes that no child, regardless of race, sex, nationality, religion, economic status, place of residence, or occupation, should be exploited. Exploitative child labor is defined as employment (whether in the formal or informal sector; whether paid or unpaid) that is coerced, forced, bonded, slave, or otherwise known to be unfair in wages, injurious to the health and safety of children, and/or obstructs a child’s access to education or impairs educational attainment.

We are involved in the following activities:

  • testifying before state and federal legislatures and agencies on child labor
  • presenting comments in response to regulatory initiatives
  • hosting conferences, forums, and briefings
  • creating and distributing educational and public awareness materials
  • initiating research
  • conducting campaigns and media events

--About Us, from Child Labor Coalition