Promoting quality education for all.

Educate the Children

Educate the Children (ETC) was founded in 1990. Our mission is to work with women and children in Nepal to improve health, welfare, and self-sufficiency by building skills that families can pass down to later generations. Our integrated program model includes three mutually reinforcing components, described below:

Women’s empowerment: Through participation in ETC-sponsored women’s groups, women become literate, learn basic business skills such as handling money and keeping records, grow and manage microcredit funds, establish their own small businesses to 

help support their families, and gain confidence and social status. (Click here to see a photo essay about our women’s empowerment work.)

Education: ETC covers the costs of uniforms, fees, and supplies for children who could not otherwise attend school. We also improve schools by training teachers; launching kindergarten programs; providing classroom supplies; and making physical improvements to the buildings, including building new classrooms and toilet facilities. (Click here and here to see photo essays about our children’s education work.)

Sustainable agricultural development: ETC provides training and supplies, including high-quality seeds, to improve farmers’ crop yields and increase the variety of foods grown. All women’s group members start kitchen gardens, and many start small agri-businesses. This means better nutrition and greater food security, as well as increased income for farming families. (Click here to see a photo essay about our agricultural work.)

We go where we are invited to go, and work intensively in a predefined geographic area for several years, providing training and resources as well as helping local residents develop skills and confidence. With one year left to go, ETC begins to phase out our involvement; by the end of the final year, village residents can manage and support the ongoing activities, and ETC begins working in a new set of villages. Sustainability is ensured because the residents warmly welcome ETC and our work, and because they are actively involved in all aspects of the work, from planning through implementation and evaluation.