Promoting quality education for all.

Focal Point Global

Focal Point Global (FPG) is a 501(c)(3) organization with the mission to educate and empower the world’s youth to address social issues and create social change. We connect youth globally using low cost online tools to learn about a critical issues facing their communities.  We then match youth with local organizations to complete projects to combat that issue.

Dedicated to providing youth (ages 12-19) with the global exposure necessary to examine and tackle global issues in 21st century, we seek to foster global partnerships – through global education and youth engagement – to create the next generation of leaders, who will bring about social change in their own communities.

Since 2010, Focal Point Global has implemented youth projects – US-Southern Africa and Namibia/Gambia HIV/AIDS Education Initiatives and US-Cameroon Child Trafficking Awareness Project – reaching nearly 150 youth from underserved communities in the US, Cameroon, Namibia and The Gambia.