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iACT is an international organization whose mission is to aid, empower, and extend hope to those affected by mass atrocities. iACT was established in 2009 in response to the Darfur crisis and since then has grown into a team of experts providing humanitarian action that disrupts the traditional, top-down aid and service model and is grounded in refugee-led solutions from ideation to implementation. iACT believes that to create a healthier humanitarian system, displaced communities must have ownership, agency, and voice over the daily decisions, programs, and solutions that affect their lives and futures. iACT education, sports, leadership, and livelihoods programs are led by trained refugee men and women and are adapted by each community. Through this model of empowerment, iACT programs create lasting and sustainable impact and can be replicated around the world. In the U.S., through responsive action campaigns and leadership development, iACT also provides tools and training necessary to create a new culture of participation for people facing and responding to humanitarian crises.

iACT: Who We Are from iACT on Vimeo.