Promoting quality education for all.

The Center for Universal Education at Brookings

Founded in 2002, the Center for Universal Education is one of the leading policy centers focused on universal quality education in the developing world. We develop and disseminate effective solutions to achieve equitable learning, whereby all children and youth are able to access a quality education that supports their lifelong learning and development. The center plays a critical role in influencing the development of new international education policies and in transforming them into actionable strategies for governments, civil society and private enterprise. 

Our work focuses on:

  • Conducting innovative research and generating real solutions to achieve equitable learning for all 
  • Informing policymakers and thought-leaders on educational challenges in the developing world
  • Shaping the policy debate by elevating global education higher on the international agenda

The Center for Universal Education is engaged in three broad areas: 

Improving Education Resources and Learning Outcomes 
The Center for Universal Education seeks to forge a clear relationship between education financing and learning outcomes. We find ways to increase resources allocated toward global education and improve their effectiveness through a focus on national accounting systems, financing formulas and the private sector. 

Influencing the Global Education Agenda to 2015 and Beyond 
The Center for Universal Education conducts analytical research on the existing international goals to reach education for all, including current strategies, outcomes and upcoming target deadlines. With specific attention to influencing future development goals and fostering cross-sectoral collaboration, the center develops recommendations for early learning success, relevant post-primary education and harnessing the power of quality education to address other public goods. 

Advancing Quality Education in Conflict Contexts 
The Center for Universal Education develops concrete recommendations for effectively supporting quality education in areas of crisis and post-crisis transition. We investigate the complex relationship between education and state-building, peace-building and disaster and conflict risk reduction. 

--About the Center for Universal Education, from The Center for Universal Education at Brookings