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Global Poverty Project

Global Poverty Project is an advocacy and campaigning organization that has teamed up with the World Bank and the UN to build of movement of people that can help bring extreme poverty to an end by 2030. Big task, but very possible. See article.

We use gamified technology to engage people in the movement; they have the ability to do good while having fun. People take action --> earn points --> win rewards and see impact. 

Global Citizens log onto our platform and are asked to sign petitions, write letters to CEO's, share stories on Facebook and more. In exchange, we offer them tickets to music and sporting events, such as our main Festival in Central Park, a Giants or Jets game, or concerts by top artists like Beyonce, Jay Z, Neil Young, Stevie Wonder and about 80 other artists. We will soon have discount codes and vouchers that we can offer as rewards. The bottom line is we bring people into the movement by enticing them with exciting opportunities and then they end up remaining loyal and dedicated after using our site and learning more about our programs. It has been very successful thus far. 

Our pillar event, the Global Citizen Festival is held every year after the General Assembly meetings on the Great Lawn of Central Park. 

60,000 people attend with over 20 million people watching via a livestream that lives on the NYT, Yahoo, Fuse, and others. Stevie Wonder, John Mayer, Kings of Leon, The Black Keys, Neil Young and others have performed and the UN Secretary General, the President of the World Bank, the President of Liberia, Bono and many others have attended and spoken.

The World Bank just committed $4M to our cause and we will be producing